Contested Seas

American seapower no longer has the historic margin of dominance it once had, said Adm. Samuel Locklear in a speech to Navy surface warfare officers this year.  Restoring the edge starts with a true strategic conversation about the Navy’s 30-year shi… More >>

Person of Interest Robert O. Work

Robert O. Work’s a Person of Interest because…he’s just been confirmed as Deputy Secretary of Defense, the Pentagon’s number two post. This is not like being Vice President. The De… More >>

Two E-2D Advanced Hawkeye radar surveillance planes
Japan Can Buy Navy E-2D Radar Plane to Quell China Tensions

Two E-2D Advanced Hawkeye radar surveillance planes The East China Sea has turned into a zone of confrontation. Almost daily, Chinese air force aircraft fly near the boundaries of international airspa… More >>

U.S. Fighters in the Pacific

Fighter aircraft modernization is a critical component of the rebalance to the Pacific. Control of the air is the essential basis for joint operations, partnership, crisis re- sponse and deterrence. I… More >>

090724-F-2482B-068 (1)
Closing the Bomber Gap

Later this year the Air Force will put out a formal request for proposals in its most talked-about “black” program — the new stealth bomber.  America has a bomber gap.  Only 20 B-2s are capable of ha… More >>