China’s Air Force

Found: a basic guide  to China’s air force courtesy of Air Force Magazine.  The article “Meet the New PLAAF” goes beyond the trade press headlines on China’s stealth fighter demonstrators and new aircraft carrier.   Think of it: when the old Soviet Union was a superpower, Western analysts combed every detail of its air forces.  Today, the defense and security community is just beginning to follow China’s airpower evolution.   China will have one of the word’s foremost air forces by 2020, according to the US Air Force’s National Air and Space Intelligence Center.  A revamped fighter force, doctrine changes, old but upgraded long-range bomber force and its new leaders all point toward significant military capability.   Treat “Meet the New PLAAF” h-6_4 as a starting point, for those who follow airpower and global security trends should waste no time in developing a much better understanding of what China can do in the Pacific and beyond.