Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and an urgent national threat — from Space

Gravity, one of the big movies at the Oscars, won rave reviews for Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and the space junk that imperils their mission.  And you thought trash here on earth was bad. Space junk consists of debris, tools and even a missing glove moving at 24,000 mph in prime real estate known as LEO (Low Earth Orbit.)  China added significantly to the mess by smashing one of its own satellites in LEO back in 2007.  That’s why the Pentagon is building a Space Fence.  The Hill’s Congress Blog published my Op-Ed An urgent national threat — from Space on October 9, the same day the Space Foundation held a forum which discussed the threat from space debris.  Pentagon officials and Congress shouldn’t sacrifice the new Space Fence in the name of short-term fiscal restraint.  Space junk colliding with American satellites may sound like the stuff of science fiction movies. But this risk is all too real. Such collisions threaten our security, safety, economy and way of life. Federal lawmakers need to invest in the technologies that can prevent such disasters.  The Feruary 2014 budget cuts still preserved space fence technology, it’s that important.640_Sandra_Bullock_Gravity_