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American Seapower in Decline

America’s dominance at sea is slipping,  writes Rebecca Grant in a July 11, 2014 piece for the Washington Times.  Since 2001, the US Navy’s shipbuilding program has been preoccupied with light, small ships for the near-coastal areas or littorals.  Meanwhile, threats ranging from sea mines to proliferating anti-ship missiles to China’s aircraft carrier have tilted the balance. As Samuel Locklear, the admiral in charge of United States Pacific Command, recently put it, the “historic dominance that… More >>

Japan Can Buy Navy E-2D Radar Plane to Quell China Tensions

Two E-2D Advanced Hawkeye radar surveillance planes The East China Sea has turned into a zone of confrontation. Almost daily, Chinese air force aircraft fly near the boundaries of international airspace, and Japan sends its own fighters to check them.  These alerts took place a staggering 415 times in the year 2013.  Chinese naval vessels are more active in the East China Sea and unmanned aerial vehicles have also been spotted.  Japan moved a squadron of land-based E-2C radar planes to  Naha, wh… More >>

Contested Seas

American seapower no longer has the historic margin of dominance it once had, said Adm. Samuel Locklear in a speech to Navy surface warfare officers this year.  Restoring the edge starts with a true strategic conversation about the Navy’s 30-year shipbuilding priorities given the budget challenges and emerging threats.   Contested Seas online version by Dr. Rebecca Grant and VADM Kevin Cosgriff, USN, Ret. examines those threats, discusses why Washington has struggled to sustain a strategic conve… More >>

End of the A-10 Attack Fighter?

Manufactured in Hagerstown, Maryland, destroyer of invading Iraqi armed forces in Kuwait in 1991: is 2014 the year the A-10 begins its goodbye?  Not so fast.  The Air Force proposed retiring all A-10s.  But the House voted to keep them, and the Senate looks likely to concur if the money can be found to fund A-10 operations.  The USAF is right to contend that other platforms such as the  F-16 and F-35 are now better suited for close air support.  A-10s are fierce but slow and vulnerable.  Yet the… More >>

U.S. Fighters in the Pacific

Fighter aircraft modernization is a critical component of the rebalance to the Pacific. Control of the air is the essential basis for joint operations, partnership, crisis re- sponse and deterrence. It may come as a shock then, that the US has serious challenges and choices ahead to maintain air dominance. China’s growing military challenge has been some time in the making. With a re-vamped fighter force, two new stealth fighters in development and an aircraft carrier, China could by 2020 be in… More >>